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Current Litters

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We have a litter of puppies right now with five female puppies available on December 8, 2023

Females will be available. Please call or text me for more information.

Sire - Creed Vom Haus Juris
Dam - Victoria Von Aries


Creed vom Haus Juris

Victoria von Aries

Pedigree Link

One of the available female puppies


Hi Diane,
Vice is two weeks past 7 months old! He is almost 80lbs. He has been a great pup and is growing up to be an awesome dog! I constantly get compliments on how beautiful he is.
We have been working on obedience training for two months, and he currently is training in three languages, English, German and Italian. English is his primary language, German commands require that he does the command immediately, and Italian commands allow him to goof off, play around and bark, and he always gets a treat/toy when he does a command in Italian! He is so incredibly smart!
His house training was no problem at all, and I think the only crying he did in his crate was for the first few nights. I think that, by you getting him used to crates, and constantly letting the pups outside to goto the bathroom, made such a huge difference in the housetraining/crate training. I've had other pups that were a nightmare!
After the first two weeks, I stopped waking him up in the middle of the night to go out, and he's never had an accident in his crate. I have had him on an all natural dog food as a pup and he has maintained a nice shiny coat and has had no health issues. I would say he is a medium drive pup, with medium ball drive. However, if I bring out his twisted play towel, he will go to the ends of the earth to play tug of war, or use his nose to search for it on a "find it" command.
He has a pretty even temper, and has no trouble exploring new things. He is naturally protective, and i'm certain that no unwanted person would enter my house or property after hearing his bark.
His only downfall is that he is an 80lb puppy and anything on low tables, or small kids need to watch out!! Hahaha!
He has been an absolute joy!
Thanks again,
Justin & Vice (Owner of Vice, male from Okki-Orus litter)

Omg she's doing awesome! Already protecting the baby (when he's in his swing, she goes right next to him and just sits there). We are having no problem with the housebreaking. A few accidents but they were right next to the door. She's doing really well on a leash, not pulling at all and isn't distracted by other barking dogs. She's a dream come true! My family and I cannot thank you enough.
Charles Stahl, owner of Nala, aka Deb from Okki-Gigolo litter.

Dear Diane and Family,
We can’t tell you how happy we are with Xena! She is almost 5 months old now and brings such joy to our family. She has been so easy to house train and is almost sleeping through the night now (she sleeps with us and tends to hog the bed a little though). She started her formal training with an area trainer that specializes in Shepherds and is doing real well. She is a very quick learner! The vet says she is “perfect”, although, we already knew that! We are so thankful we found KMH. We believe the reason Xena is such a sociable and well rounded puppy is because of you. Not only is her breeding exceptional, but the care and family environment that she started her young life in is what we believe made all the difference. She is a wonderful addition to our family!
Bryan, Cathy, Xena (aka Dolly from Okki/Gigolo litter) and Family